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Dehydrator Rental Available

A reminder that the Abundance Project has a large dehydrator available for use by anyone in the community. As our summer growing season comes to an end, dehydrating is a great way to preserve herbs, tomatoes and fruits. The dehydrator is located at St. Paul’s United...

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Plantain Salve Workshop

On August 8th, the participants from the wild edibles hike regrouped for part two of the workshop. Over the last six weeks, we've been tending to our plantain infused olive oil, in preparation for the final product. Joy and Joanna of Pure Joy Herbal Creations led the...

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Supporting Local Growers

When Elizabeth and I travel, one of the activities we really enjoy is visiting local farmers markets. In fact, because we typically prepare our own meals while travelling, seeking out the farmers markets at our destination is often done well before we leave. This way...

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Abundance at Percy Centennial Public School

With our grocery stores full of processed foods, where all you have to do is open a package and chow down, it’s easy for kids to develop unhealthy eating habits. It’s our job to rear them in the right direction, by educating them about healthy living.

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