Welcome to the Warkworth Abundance Project

The Abundance Project - Warkworth


Who We Are

The Abundance Project is a community based organization focused on promoting healthy eating, sustainable growing practices and food preparation skills. The Abundance Project strives to involve people of all ages and genders in the pleasures of good locally grown and prepared foods. Most events are held in the St. Paul’s United Church kitchen as it is the largest health inspected and approved facility in the community. All Abundance Project events are open to every member of the greater Warkworth community.

Ours Goals

  • To promote healthy food choices and eating habits within our community
  • To accomplish this by providing learning opportunities for all segments of our community related to growing, preparing and eating healthy food
  • To initiate longer term growing projects that demonstrate the link between the land and the table
  • To use food as a catalyst for social interaction within and across community segments and age groups
  • To act as a community hub that links growing, preparing/preserving and eating food

Our Vision

To promote community wellness by developing direct links between producers, preparers and eaters and thereby establishing a local healthy food culture that has a positive economic, social and environmental effect.

Our Values

  • Consumption of healthy foods is central to individual and community wellness
  • Every member of our community should have access to healthy foods
  • Respect and support of local food producers in every Abundance Project initiative

Note: There are currently no Abundance Project special events scheduled. Please check back later.

Caution Kitchen Renovation Work Ahead



St. Paul’s United Church is about to begin a much needed renovation of the kitchen. This project is being largely funded by the federal government’s New Horizon’s For Seniors program. The redesign plans are done, the contractor chosen and booked, and the flooring, sinks, cabinets and counters ordered … and sometime in the next four weeks work will begin.

Consequently, the Abundance Project Community Lunch will be cancelled for the months of September and October and the Community Kitchen will be cancelled for September. Barring any significant delays … and these are always possible with kitchen reno projects … we anticipate launching the fall and winter Community Lunch program on Monday November 4th and the Community Kitchen program on Thursday October 24th.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the project and will reconfirm when the next (and subsequent) Community Lunch dates are scheduled