The Warkworth Abundance Project

Local Food Networking

The Abundance Project is about healthy foods. A key component of healthy eating is finding high quality local fresh fruits and vegetables.

This section has two objectives; to provide users with as complete an inventory of local producers as possible, and to act as a ‘clearinghouse’ for people who have produce, skills or talents to share with people who have a need … in other words to act as an on-line skills/goods exchange.

For example, you might have a physical challenge that prevents you from being able to till your garden in the spring. Register here and we’ll try to match you up with someone who could help. Or you might find that later in the season you have an excess of fruits or vegetables that you would like to share with others in the community… list your abundance here and we’ll try to match you with others who could use your bounty.

Perhaps you have a particular cooking skill or you would like to learn how to make some special meal … register here with your talents or learning needs and we’ll try to match you up.

The skills exchange is all about developing a strong and vibrant social fabric centered around good healthy local food.

Please take a few moments to think about the talents you have that others might like to know about, or the things you might like help with and complete the on-line form.

The Abundance Project Skills Exchange

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