The Warkworth Abundance Project

Current Programs

A brief overview of some of our current programs.

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Community Lunch

1st Tuesday of the every month.

Lineup at Warkworth Community Lunch
Typically a group of 6 to 8 volunteers prepares a variety of healthy and nutritious hot and cold dishes for between 40 and 60 Warkworth residents in the Gathering Place at St. Paul’s United Church. This free event is open to all residents and attracts a wide variety of people. Each month a speaker or some form of entertainment is offered after lunch.
Sit down at Warkworth Community Lunch

Grade 8 Cooking Classes

Weekly during the school year

Abundance After School program
Students learn general kitchen and food handling skills as well as how to prepare a variety of nutritional and healthy meals. A number of local cooks and chefs lead the students at the St. Paul’s Gathering Place kitchen.
A hands-on cooking class that has become part of the Grade 8 curriculum at Percy Centennial.
A much anticipated end of year event sees the students competing in a ‘master chef’ challenge, judged by food professionals and amateurs from the Warkworth area.

Chop Talk

Two eight week after school sessions Spring and Fall

This latest Abundance Project venture is offered to Grade 7 & 8 students at Percy Centennial Public School and combines hands on kitchen skills with life skills discussion and problem solving. Each week the 8 participants walk to St. Paul’s after school where they have a healthily snack and then head into the kitchen to prepare a three course meal for themselves and the program organizers. While working in the kitchen they are taught a variety of kitchen and food handling skills and discuss nutrition and healthy food choices.

Chop Talk

While sharing the meal they have prepared,community volunteers with experience working with young people, introduce a weekly life skills topic which is then discussed in some depth for the remainder of the evening.


Food For The Soul

This latest Abundance Project venture is offered to Grade 4 to 6 students in Trent Hills.  It  combines an emphasis on eating  healthy whole foods while giving students an opportunity to experiment with musical theatre. During the trial period in June 2023, the participants will meet at in the Gathering Place at St. Paul’s on Sunday mornings, where they have a healthily snack and then begin experimenting with Ukulele Playing, Singing, Creative Movement or Acting, Trudy Neumeyer will be coordinating this program.