The Warkworth Abundance Project


The Abundance Project is a local grassroots organization supported by donations and grant funding. 100% of all funding goes to program delivery through our unique relationship with St. Paul’s United Church Warkworth. The congregation and Board of St. Paul’s have not only agreed to providing the Abundance Project with much needed facility usage, but have agreed to act as our Board, and to handle all financial transactions and provide governance oversight.

The Abundance Project does not have official charitable status, but as all funding is channelled through the St. Paul’s Board and Finance Committee we are able to benefit from St. Paul’s charitable status.

If you wish to financially support the Abundance Project, we ask that you make a cheque payable to St. Paul’s United Church and indicate in the memo line Abundance Project. All donations of over $20 will receive an official tax receipt. At this time we cannot accept either credit card donations or online donations.

Thank you for your financial support of the Abundance Project.

As much of our funding is spent on purchasing grocery supplies, we would gladly accept prepaid grocery cards.


The Abundance Project relies on a network of volunteers to plan and deliver a wide variety of food related workshops and projects.

If you have an interest in eating healthy foods, promoting healthy foods, mentoring people of all ages in cooking and kitchen skills, then the Abundance Project has a place for you. Please complete the short on-line form below and we will be in contact with you to see how you can help promote healthy eating and community wellness.