One of the many wonderful things about living in Warkworth is the incredible strength of community and sense of being part of a vibrant and dynamic village. This in large part comes from organizations like the Warkworth Community Service Club and the Warkworth Business Association. By being the driving force behind many of the events here, both organizations bring the community as a whole, and the wider world together and breathe real energy into Warkworth.

The Service Club has for decades been a major benevolent force that has changed the physical and social face of Warkworth. The Service Club has long had a tradition of providing funds to organizations and groups with a special interest the youth of our community. Whether it be sports teams, school groups, the Scouts and Guides, the 4H Club and many other groups, the Service Club has been there to foster the development and well being of the youth of Warkworth.

At their June meeting, club members approved a request by the Abundance Project to fund two of our on-going initiatives - the Percy Grade 8 Cooking Classes, and the Abundance After School program which focuses on the junior school students at Percy. We are truly grateful for this financial support that will enable us to keep these two programs going for the next academic year.

See our previous blog posts Reflections on the Grade 8 Cooking Classes and /percy-centennial-master-chef-challenge-2016/ for more about these programs.